Wood Cabin Kits

Making the decision to build a new wood cabin - whether it is a vacation home or your primary home - is a big investment, and one that you will want to protect. Ensuring your wood cabin home is of high quality must be your top priority – and that begins with the wood cabin home company you choose.

wood cabin kit
St-Bernard wood cabin home model / 1553 sq. ft.

Timber Block Wood cabin homes works hard to provide support and excellent service.  Timber Block is one of the largest and most innovative wood cabin kit manufacturers in North America. Timber Block is a leader second to none in the industry, creating innovative practices that reduce cost and quicken the wood cabin kit assembling process.

More than 15 models of wood cabin home

Timberblock offer over 15 unique wood cabin home models. See all wood cabit kits

All wood cabin homes by Timber Block feature R-30 wall insulation. Your new wood cabin kit will be assembled in hours, and weather tight in days, without the risk of settling and checking. Due to Timber Block’s efficient flat stacking method, your new wood cabin kit can be shipped anywhere..

When living in a home built from a wood cabin kit, it will become more than just a place to live. It’s freedom. It’s warmth. It’s a way of life. We at Timber Block have a unique passion that is evident in every wood cabin kit we build and it’s a passion you will feel each time you walk into your wood cabin home.

For more information or view recent models please visit Timberblock official website : Log Home